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businesses that provide women healthcare plan that offered them under those plans. >> real quick, your response to those two? >> actual it's wrong. what i did vote to do was fund the government. if you remember earlier on in this term, we had to actually fund the government to keep the doors open. what i did want to do is make sure seniors got their social security checks, to make sure men and women in uniforms were able to feed their families, to make sure the government being run. the bill he's talking about, i actually stood up on the house floor was only republican to speak out that make sure planned parenthood to keep its funding. if you take a look at the daily herald, it came out and said, these attempts to try to misrepresent my record -- >> i am not misrepresenting your record. other people in your party voted against it, it didn't become law and the government didn't shut down. >> let me jump ahead to a topic. congressman dold, your opponent said on the 20 most important votes, you did not break with your leaders. that led tea party pull congress to a fringe. >> my response t
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1